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Tips for big weddings – what to watch out for?

The most beautiful day of life for man and woman or man and man or woman and woman is the day when they say yes to each other. In order to make the wedding something very special, the bridal couple can fulfil long-awaited wishes. Small, medium and large weddings are possible – large wedding celebrations, however, also bring greater challenges.

The planning – no budget cutbacks

The list for the organization of a big wedding is long. Starting with the choice of the room size for the wedding ceremony and the location of the wedding ceremony, many other details follow until the wedding is planned all around. Therefore, the bridal couple should first draw up a list containing all their wishes. Only in the further step the budget planning follows:

Guest list: At the beginning of the wedding planning the guest list is on the agenda. Usually not all guests agree. In order not to fall into a cost trap later, however, it should be reckoned from the beginning that all guests agree.

Save-the-Date cards: Save-the-Date cards are a growing trend. After the guest list has been drawn up, the first cards are sent out to communicate the upcoming joyful event. With the note that the invitation cards will still be sent, the guests should only keep the appointment free for the time being.

Invitation cards: The invitation cards should be sent to the guests in time, so that the final location and the wedding dinner can be booked concretely. The same design as the Save-the-Date cards is ideal for this.

Wedding ceremony: For the wedding ceremony, the choice between registry office, church, beach or another, possibly unusual, location applies. Pastors and / or registrars should be informed in good time about the wedding date and the location. The location of the wedding ceremony should also offer sufficient space for the guests and possibly take persons with disabilities (e.g. wheelchair users) into account.

Wedding celebration: For the wedding celebration are suitable for example festival halls of the municipality, properties in the open air, restaurants or old monasteries. There are hardly any limits to the wishes and fantasies of the bridal couple – however, the number of guests should also be taken into account here.

Menu choice: The choice of menu depends on whether, for example, the wedding is celebrated in a restaurant or delivered by a caterer. In the case of catering, the bridal couple should clarify in good time whether the service (service) and crockery are included in addition to the meal.

Music: For the music at the wedding ceremony, the bridal couple can choose between a live band, a hochzeitsband or a DJ, for example. In both cases, different musicians should be asked to check whether the musicians are suitable for the bridal couple.

Entertainment programme: The entertainment programme at a wedding celebration can be very different. As a rule, witnesses to the marriage, parents and friends take care of it. But also the bridal couple can organize certain desires, like a firework in the evening, themselves.

Photographer: When choosing a photographer, different offers can be taken into account. Beside the classical wedding photos, which are made after the wedding with the bride and groom, the photographer can be booked also for the entire day.

Decoration: In order to leave a personal note with the wedding ceremony and wedding celebration, individual decorations can be selected. For example, flowers are not only suitable as decoration at the wedding ceremony – they are also a beautiful eye-catcher as table decoration.

Wedding cake: Different flavours should be tried for the wedding cake. Although the eye eats along, a beautifully designed, but not tasty cake quickly causes frustration at the party.

Bridal bouquet: For the bridal bouquet it is advisable to show the florist a sample of the bridal dress so that he can choose the colour of the flowers according to the dress. The bridegroom can also order a matching corsage flower from the florist.

Honeymoon: Whether honeymoon in the Seychelles, Maldives or the USA – the choice of honeymoon should be based exclusively on the bridal couple’s wishes.

Thank you cards: The same design as the invitation cards can be used for the thank you cards to the guests.


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