This is Germany’s first wedding magazine for gays.

What was unthinkable a few years ago is now a matter of course in 21 European countries: the legal recognition of homosexual marriages. Approximately 68,000 couples in Germany alone live together as same-sex cohabitation in one household, reports the Federal Statistical Office. About 15,000 of them are already officially “married”. Around 10,000 gay couples and a good 5,000 lesbian couples have registered their civil partnerships. Tendency: strongly rising.

Legal progress in matters of inheritance law and pensions makes marriage increasingly attractive. “Homo couples want to set an example with their marriage,” says Frank Matthée, Germany’s best-known wedding planner. The 37-year-old, who in his TV show Sarah Connor effectively under the bonnet, knows the trends: “Gays and lesbians love unusual weddings”.

Despite the economic crisis, a completely new market for homo weddings is currently emerging: Fashion, rings, flowers, cakes – everything tailored to the most beautiful day for her & her and him & him. In Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich there will be the first wedding fairs for gays and lesbians this spring. Queer Wedding”, the first wedding magazine for gays and lesbians, has just appeared nationwide with a circulation of 120,000 copies.

Berlin-based Jackwerth Verlag, Germany’s market leader in gay-lesbian media, is not surprised by the success of the magazine: “Gays and lesbians have high purchasing power. At your own wedding, you don’t skimp.” Besides Wedding specialists from the scene, exclusive jewelers and luxury hotels are also among the advertisers.

“Queer Wedding”, the wedding magazine for gays and lesbians, is included free of charge with the magazines L-Mag, Du&Ich and Siegessäule and is distributed nationwide at wedding fairs and registry offices. The current issue is of course also available free of charge on the Internet: Click here


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