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Penis enlargement: natural methods for a larger penis

Your penis is too small? Don’t panic, there are some pretty ingenious tricks to make your penis appear bigger. We show you the best methods for penis enlargement

6 Penis enlargement methods

1. Have the penis surgically lengthened

Your penis is like an iceberg: one part is visible, the rest is inside you. “During the operation, the holding band of the penis is severed,” says Dr. Hartmut Porst, urologist from Hamburg.

That’s the point: The penis can be pulled out of the abdominal cavity somewhat by the intervention, thus appears on average one to 1.5 centimetres longer. “There are patients who complain of impotence and infection,” says Porst. Before you get into your pants, you should consult your urologist. Cost: from 6000 Euro. Details can be found below in our article.

2. Let the penis stretch out

Tension makes your penis longer, for example with the help of an orthopaedic stretching belt. This is strapped around your stomach and connected to a stretch condom that you pull over your penis. The tensile strength can be adjusted via the belt. Wearing time: six to twelve hours per day.

3. Inflate the penis

The vacuum pump is primarily used for erectile dysfunction. You insert your penis into a cylinder and create negative pressure. The result: blood accumulates in the erectile tissue – you get an erection. If used frequently, this should also lengthen the penis.

That’s the point: Nothing. Porst: “In a series of experiments it was refuted that this is permanent.”

4. Taking a miracle cure for penis enlargement

Some pills with a secret herbal formula promise real wonders: a penis enlargement of up to seven centimetres, as well as better control of ejaculation.

That’s the point: “There are no miracle cures. The pills cannot keep their promise,” says the expert. Natural remedies such as oats or ginseng are more likely to help because they stimulate the blood circulation. However, erection aids of this kind only work for a short time. Apparently one of the better cremes for penis enlargement currently on the market is Titan gel.

5. Have liposuction

First of all: This method only works for severely overweight people. In addition to severing the retaining ligament, a plastic surgeon removes disturbing fatty tissue in the area of the penis root. If a good portion of abdominal fat has to be shovelled away, this measure alone will take two to three centimetres.

That’s the point: Also in this case it is a purely optical extension; the penis basically remains as it is, it just hangs further out of the body of the owner. Overall, a corpulent patient gets five or even six centimetres more optic between his thighs.

6 The Penis Workout

Every patient should take this to heart so as not to risk a long-term return to the baseline. In contrast to other ligaments of our body – such as the cruciate ligaments in the knee joint – which are under strong tension, the severed penis ligament can grow together again without external help. To prevent this, a penis workout is advisable – with a series of weights that the patient takes home.

After work, the operated patient no longer sits in a comfortable wing chair in front of the television set, but eats his chips and beer for six months at his local bistro table standing up. Meanwhile, the variable weight dangles between the legs, which exerts a tensile force of at least 500 grams on the strained organ with the help of a vacuum system. Over the weeks and months, the weight increases to up to three kilograms.

The Risks of Penile Surgery

A reckless decision for an extension is generally not recommended, as the operation, which lasts about 30 minutes, carries risks. Complications include infections, bleeding, ugly scars or even potency problems.

The surgeon cuts open the abdominal skin in the area of the penis root and then penetrates deep into the tissue below the pubis. There he cuts the penis retaining strap. The result is that the organ can be “pulled out” of the abdominal cavity to a certain extent and thus appears longer to the observer.

Not every physician who is willing to lengthen a penis should have confidence in the patient. Dubious providers are not exactly squeamish when performing the procedure.

There are differences in cutting, for example. If you want to make it easy, open the skin with a large Y-shaped incision, resulting in a relatively large scar. At the University Hospital in Freiburg, however, surgery is performed through the so-called keyhole. Ideally, only a very small, sickle-shaped scar remains. After only a few weeks it disappears under the returned pubic hair.

An endoscope is not necessary because even a small incision can be performed on sight – provided that care is taken. “If expectations are kept reasonable, the risk is no greater than with breast augmentation,” said Dr. Gralf Popken from the Institute of Urology and Andrology at the University Hospital in Freiburg.

There are also different approaches for penis thickening – a second operation that many surgeons carry out together with the extension. Professor Post believes that the previously common method of transferring fatty tissue from the abdomen into the penis should be rejected. This method, which may seem very practical at first sight due to the abdominal displacement effect – according to the motto: “I happen to want a washboard stomach, can I kill two birds with one stone, or can I not? often goes to the back.

“After injecting fatty tissue, the penis gets what I think is a rather unsightly consistency,” says Professor Hartmut Porst. In addition, the loose fat can slip and lead to irregular deformations, according to the urologist.

An alternative method is to insert strips of skin into the penis, whereby both real and artificial skin can be used. The surgeon removes real skin from the patient in the groin or in the bottom fold, which leaves scars in these areas. Artificial skin spares the body these scars. Although these implants are not the body’s own tissue, the artificial skin is medically inert – i.e. neutral. It is made from the connective tissue of cattle and, unlike the skin of other people, is not repelled.


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