Gay Health Concerns

All ethnicities religions and social classes encompass gay people. Sexual orientation questions are not required on most national surveys, so it’s difficult to know the exact number of gay people and their health needs.

10% of the US population is, gay; for some their health care needs are often not addressed. Many Healthcare providers are uncomfortable asking patients about their sexual orientation for fear of offending the patient. Some gay or bisexual people might be apprehensive about identifying themselves. Health care professionals presume their patients are heterosexual but other physicians don’t ask because they are homophobic.

Research implies that Gay individuals face health disproportions connected to social shame, discrimination, and deprivation of their human rights. Prejudice against gay men and women has led to high rates of mental disorders, substance abuse, and suicide. Experiences of violence and victimization and violence are every day for Gay individuals and have lasting effects on the person as well as the community.
LGBT health requires specific attention from health care and public health professionals to address some differences.

What Is A Gay Diet?

When it comes to gay men, some eat to keep in shape and have healthy body weight, but that has nothing to do with their sexuality. Some gay men have a strict way of eating. Believe it or not oral intercourse and anal sex does play a part in their diet. Here is one example:
• High Fiber foods: This permits for a cleaner anal cavity.

• No Greasy Foods: Fresher anal cavity.

• Fiber Supplements: Same as above.

• No Sugar Drinks: (excluding pineapple juice): Fruit and sugar can cause you to gain weight and hold body fat. That produce a strange layer of blubber across your body. And may cause some men to have a less attractive penis. However, pineapple juice is an exemption to this rule. It has a known, exciting effect of causing ejaculate to have a sweet, smell and taste.

• Small Amounts Of Alcohol: Drinking Alcohol has the same effect as too many sweets.

• No Onions: Onions cause semen to have a bad taste.

• Lots Of Water: This flushes out everything keeping your anal/semen cavity smelling and tasting better.

• Zinc-Containing Foods: to increase the amount of ejaculation during orgasm.

The movement for Gay rights has made startling improvement in recent years. The earliest developments of a current poll contracted by the gay rights organization GLAAD, which is announcing their results today, indicates since the change has come fast doesn’t mean it’s lasting. For the first time since 2014, a survey started for non-gay Americans said they’re less comfortable with their gay neighbors. Gay respondents told pollsters they felt less safe and they have experienced discrimination because they are gay.

President Trump’s most malicious public statements haven’t targeted gay Americans. But his strategies have, from his choice of Mike Pence as his running mate. The White House’s quiet on gay rights, but in 2017, Trump failed to maintain President Barack Obama’s tradition of acknowledging National LGBT Pride Month in June.

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