Acne makes fashion for transvestites

Acne designs a mini-collection especially for transsexuals and cross-dresser (heterosexual men who dress like women). The really shocking thing about it: We want every single piece!
“The collection is a playful collaboration and an ode to diversity,” Acne chief designer Johnny Johansson explains the idea for the mini collection for transsexuals and crossdressers.

A quotation like that is expected by many: Feather boas, glitter sequins, plateau styles and flashy colours.

But Johnny does something much more shocking: together with the Spanish transvestite magazine “Candy”, he designs wearable, well-cut and contemporary fashion that will surely tear people of all sexual orientations out of his hands.

There are three different shirts in silk crepe and Italian denim, whose cut and details are inspired by classic western shirts (Hello Brokeback Mountain!).

The message: Good taste knows no bounds. Gays, heterosexuals, transvestites and cross-dressers are supposed to help themselves from a wardrobe in the future.

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