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TRAM Premium Line – The modular AM-Transmitter System


LW communication transmitters:

14 kHz to 148 kHz

LW broadcast transmitters:

150kHz to 300kHz

MW broadcast transmitters:

525 kHz to 1710 kHz

Output power range:

Stand-alone version 5kW to 600 kW
combined up to 2000 kW


TRAM 10 transmitter (10 kW) in 360° view



TRAM 100
TRAM 100
TRAM 400
Many years of experience in the field of high-power transmitters in conjunction with the latest state-of-the-art transistor technology has paved the way for a future-oriented solid state transmitter concept. As opposed to conventional tube-based transmitters the simple modular system of solid state medium wave transmitters from TRANSRADIO offers a maximum of flexibility at supreme overall efficiency and unsurpassed audio quality. All TRAM line transmitters are ready for future digital broadcast transmitting and exceed the DRM- recommendations. The layout in standard 19" racks allows for easy and comfortable accessibility to all components and modules gives an exceptional low space requirement for any of the available power classes.

The power amplifier stage offers true modular redundancy by use of standardized 1 kW amplifier modules. Each individual module is equipped with an on-board PDM modulator and no quantization problems occur. Designed with a high power reserve capability, each module provides full signal quality on its own. Therefore in the unlikely event of a module failure only the output power is slightly reduced but the quality of the output signal remains undisturbed.

TRAM 400


TRAM – The Highlights

  • High overall efficiency and excellent performance data
  • 125 % positive peak programme capability
  • DAM/DCC operation mode for further energy saving (standard for all models)
  • Compact and service-friendly design, extremely low space requirement
  • Modular design of the power amplifiers: standard 1 kW plug-in power module, broadband over the whole MF range, no tuning of the modules is required, with integrated supervision and protection circuits
  • Rugged construction with emphasis placed on high mechanical strength and stability
  • Factory fitted and tuned to determined operating frequency, yet frequency agile
  • All transmitters are exclusively air-cooled, utilising a unique internal air-flow system. Recycled air cooling by means of air-water heat exchangers available.
  • Combining stand alone transmitters by utilising an innovative paralleling unit (PU). No need for high power reject load.
  • TRAM line transmitters are also available as long wave broadcast transmitters (150 to 300 kHz) and long wave communication transmitters (14 to 148 KHz)
  • VLF versions of TRAM line transmitters on request
  • All TRAM line transmitters are ready for future conversion to a digital modulation technique, such as DRM


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logo pdfTRAM Premium Line - Transmitter Brochure

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